Ultimate Vegan Meal Prep

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Ultimate Vegan Meal Prep

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Feb 26th & March 20th 

Time: 10:30 am to 12:30

Location: Roleystone


Meal prep is one of the easiest ways we can make sure we are fuelling our bodies right. 

Join my ultimate vegan meal prep workshop, where you will how to thrive off plants. The meals I teach you are tasty, quick, easy and loaded with high-density nutrition. This is a wonderful class to learn more about plant health, nutrition and prepping meals quick and easy for the whole family.

In this class, I will cover loads of nutrition information to make sure you are fuelling your body right. By making sure your nutrition is on point, you can improve your sleep, energy, increase your strength and improve memory and focus. Food is the most powerful tool we have when it comes to looking after our bodies.

The class will include the following 

High net-gain meal ideas & recipes

I will cook 5 different high nutrient-dense meals to power your body

Foods to help promote serotonin for peaceful sleep and recovery

All recipes 

Everyone will get to eat and enjoy the food I cook 

Choosing the right foods for maximum nutrition 

Complete amino foods 

How to add more omega 3 into your diet 

How to gain the most variety in meal prepping 

meal prep, vegan meals, prepping


Lukas and I loved it, the food and the class were amazing!
Thank you! ❤️ …and the view is just stunning! Felt like a mini-vacation!


Ultimate vegan meal prep class will run from 10:30 am through to around 12:30 depending on group size and dynamic. 

There will also be fresh filtered water,  tea and coffee on offer to enjoy while learning the secrets of meal prep. The class also includes all recipes and information on the day. Feel free to bring a note pad and pen to take extra notes if you like. 

Dates are available on the top of the page. Select from the drop-down menu which class on which month you would like. Your payment receipt is your confirmation. Then you will receive an email from me, the week of the class with directions and details. 

If none of these dates works for you, then you can always check out my recipe page and make one of my Vegan recipes. And you can also follow my Instagram or Facebook account too for extra recipes and giveaways!

Thank you


Time: 10:30am 

Length 2 hours 



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