Vegan Thai Fusion

$120.00 $104.00


Vegan Thai Fusion 

14th September and 12th October 

10:30am to 12:30pm



Learn the art of balancing flavours of Vegan Thai fusion cooking. Thai food is all about balancing sweet, salty and sour. Ayarah will guide you through learning the secrets in making perfect the Thai curry pastes and give you the foundations of mastering Thai cuisine. Let Ayarah take your taste buds on a journey and explosion of flavours in this fun-filled class not to be missed!



Our classes are a great way to unwind in a casual environment where you can bring your kids, friends or family. Our classes are designed for everyone to enjoy them. On the day we will be making both a red spicy noodle curry, green mushroom curry, jasmine cardamon rice, Nasi goreng and lime avocado cheesecake!


Included in your tickets are the following

  • 2 to 3-hour cooking class hands-on 
  • Drinks on arrival 
  • Refreshments 
  • Red spicy noodle curry 
  • Green mushroom curry 
  • Nasi Goreng 
  • Lime avocado cheesecake 
  • BYO is welcome 


Vegan green curry




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