Age Defying Vegan Skin Care



Age-Defying Vegan Skin Care 


iKOU specialises in anti-ageing, organic vegan skincare which is high-performance. iKOU uses active phytonutrients with Australian fruit and flower extracts.
The foundation of all the formulas is multi-faceted achieving visible anti-ageing results quickly.
– Hydration to nourish and protect
– Collagen boosting
– Cell regeneration
– Antioxidant
– Free radical scavenging and cell protection
– Vitamin-rich
– Water hydration boosting
– Plumping & Firming action


Below is a brief description of each product available for purchase in drop down tabs at the top of this page. Or you can buy a bundle pack and of skincare and save! See bottom of the page for details. 

Recovery Cleansing Creme

All great skin starts with great preparation. In order to achieve maximum results with your skin, you need a great cleanser. Infused with organic floral extracts, this creamy cleanser gently removes all traces of makeup leaving the skin hydrated, refreshed and clean

Warm 2-3 pumps in the hands and massage in small circles all over the face. Remove with a warm, wet face cloth (muslin is ideal). Repeat using a gentle face brush for best results.

Yucca – Rich in natural plant saponins to leave skin fresh, clean and feeling protected without stripping natural oils.
Australian Desert Lime & Australian Rainforest Lemon for refreshing rejuvenation.
Organic Nettle – Cleanses and balances and also strengthens skin due to its high silica content.


Phyto Antioxidant day creme


Apply over serum using press and release motion.

Raspberry Seed Oil – provides a potent antioxidant boost. It has the highest sun protection factor of any natural ingredient. It is equivalent to Titanium Dioxide at between 28-50SPF. 

Kakadu Plum – The highest amount of Vitamin C of any fruit on the planet. iKOU Kakadu Plum is wild-harvested and is produced through ground-breaking DNA extraction without the traditional “macerate & percolate” methods used to date. This protects the precious Vitamin C content, as heat destroys vitamins. 

Australian White Flannel Flower – Peak flavone glycosides, which are strong antioxidants that reduce the creation of free radicals and prevent ageing. Glycosides are used for two reasons in natural skincare, they help deliver other vital ingredients so they absorb into the skin & they hydrate the skin by binding onto water molecules. Supports healthy collagen production, the main component of connective tissue. They work synergistically with Vitamin C, stabilising and increasing the antioxidant activity of the vitamin effects. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vegan, ageing skin care,





Age-defying radiance face masque

This mask does not dry onto the skin it is designed to absorb, delivering all the nutrients to the deeper layers to promote new cell growth and stimulate collagen production.

Apply at night after you have cleansed your face and applied a layer of Vitamin A oil for an extra boost in your skincare regime. Then apply a thin layer all over your face, wait 15 minutes before lying down and wake to baby-soft skin in the morning.

Multi-vitamins B3, B5, B6, C – Protect and beautify, promoting radiant, healthy skin.

Japanese Knot Weed – Boasts a high content of resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol antioxidant. It has powerful anti-ageing benefits.   Resveratrol is the renowned ingredient in the skin of grapes and red wine touted for its Antioxidant benefits and used in “Vinotherapy” in Spas around the world. It is produced when the plant is under stress (for example from sunlight) to protect itself, and in the same way, it protects our own skin. The resveratrol content in Japanese Knot Weed is much higher than red grapes and is also superior, as Vinotherapy from grapes can be very drying on the skin.

Australian Davidson Plum Oil – One of the natures most powerful antioxidants which also nourishes and maintains moisture. Contains Anthocyanin that researchers have identified as an exciting and powerful compound for the cosmetics industry. It is the compound that gives sun protection to the fruit and makes the colour of the skin of reddish/ purple. In skincare, it assists in the prevention of wrinkles, eliminates free radicals, reduces UV damage, improves skin health, promotes collagen, elastin and elasticity.

Australian White Flannel Flower – Rich in amino acids, vitamins and antioxidant glycocides, stimulates collagen.


Vitamin A Booster Serum

An innovative formula of Vitamin A derived from Banksia Seed, Baobab & Buriti Oil. Boosts luminosity, improves elasticity and delivers powerful Anti-Ageing results.

Apply to freshly cleansed skin at night before moisturising with your daily ageing night creme. Also great to apply under your weekly age-defying radiant masque 

Containing natural plant sources of Vitamin A for superior anti-ageing and boosting results that work in harmony with skins natural cycles, supporting long term skin health.

Australian Banksia Seed Oil – Sustainable source of Vitamin A that boosts collagen and is also safe in pregnancy. 


vegan skin care Baobab & Neroli face calming oil – Rich Vitamin A source that renews cells.

Buriti Oil – Vitamin A and one of the richest sources available of beta-carotene (a precursor to Vitamin A) being even higher than carrot seed oil. This Brazilian fruit oil is well researched for repairing damaged skin, contains a high level of nutrients and improves elasticity.

A vitamin-rich oil to nourish, calm redness & sensitivity, and improve elasticity. A deeply penetrating, hydrating boost that encourages healthy skin cell renewal.

Massage into skin before moisturising to nourish, repair and rebuild the skin’s protective barrier. Many people are concerned that face oils will cause breakouts. This is often based on their experience with the ever-popular “Rosehip Face Oils” which commonly cause clogged pores due to rosehip being rich and sitting on the top layers of the skin. iKOU always blends rosehip oil into deeply penetrating oils to allow the skin to breathe.

Baobab oil – Rich in vitamins A, B3, C, D, E & F to renew cell membranes. Baobabs high Vitamin E content provides superior antioxidant/ anti-ageing benefits. It is scar healing and effective treatment of skin conditions such as eczema. Essential fatty acids Omega 3,6 & 9 which add moisture hydration and protection to the skin. EFA’s are not produced by the body, they are obtained through food and topical application only, and yet they are vital for skin health. Baobab oil is soothing and deeply penetrates this skin, giving breathable protective nourishment that does not clog pores while boosting skin tone and elasticity.

Camellia Oil – “Green Tea Oil” is a key anti-ageing ingredient that is rapidly absorbed, restorative and rejuvenating. This deeply penetrating oil nourishes and conditions the skin. Very high in Oleic acid, Vitamins A, B & E. Camellia oil also has beneficial moisture retention properties.

Jojoba – The molecular structure of Jojoba matches our skin sebum structure making it readily accepted by the skin and not blocking pores. It moisturises and balances the skin with its unique ability to introduce oil where needed and re-disperse excess oil, making it suitable for all skin types including dry and oily.

Neroli Oil – Removes redness, calms and balances. Also has a calming effect on the emotions, making this ideal during times of stress.

Rosehip Oil – A powerful antioxidant with a high content of vitamin C, Rosehip has amazing skin protection qualities. We blend it in a combination of other oils that allow it to absorb readily into the skin, as Rosehip on its own can be very rich.



Nutrient Age-Defying Night Creme

This advanced, ultra-intensive blend of super anti-oxidant Astaxanthin with vitamins and emollients to protect against environmental damage and deliver age-defying results.

Apply over serum using press and release motion. Both iKOU Day & Night Crème’s will offer protective, nourishing hydration. The main difference is that our Day Crème is formulated specifically to protect our skin against the environment throughout the day, whereas our Nutrient+ Age-Defying Night Crème works all night long to provide an antioxidant, multi-vitamin boost.

Vitamins – Complex vitamin mix and vitamin-rich extracts to promote skin health, elasticity, moisture retention and youthful radiance. Abyssinian Kale Seed Oil – Compared to Jojoba for its benefits but higher in a concentration of intensely nourishing Omega 9 fatty acids to replace lipids that have been lost in the skin. Astaxanthin – Harvested from micro-algae, Astaxanthin is the worlds most powerful carotenoid antioxidant, famed for its free radical cell scavenging benefits.



Why are Serums so important?

  • They have a lower molecular structure than a moisturiser and are developed so the entire formula penetrates deeply into the skin.
  • They have a higher concentration of active ingredients for boosted results.

iKOU Specialises in Serums:

  • iKOU has formulated a broad range of serums that are targeted to a range of skin conditions and needs.
  • Our active ingredients are not heated so are highly potent and effective.
  • We include “Multi-Action benefits” in our serums, addressing multiple needs in one product.

Designed with smaller molecules to penetrate the skin and deliver potent doses of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin for visibly noticeable results.


Peptides multi-action serum

This potent Peptides + Multi-Action serum is formulated with the most powerful peptides and advanced age-defying actives. Stimulates collagen and elastin, plumps, firms and enhances skin luminosity and vitality.

Apply to freshly cleansed skin morning and night before moisturising. This star iKOU product delivers a powerhouse of ingredients formulated to deliver fast-acting visible anti-ageing results by addressing multiple needs in one serum. The inclusion of this serum into a basic “cleanse and hydrate” regime will take the anti-ageing results to next level. iKOU recommends every skincare regime should include this serum as the foundation of Anti-Ageing results.


Ceramide Firming Eye Serum 

Advanced, highly concentrated Ceramide + Multi-Action serum to reduce puffiness and dark circles, firm and smooth.

Use twice daily underneath the eye area. iKOU Ceramide+ Firming Eye Serum contains Peptides & Ceramides for clinically tested results.

Peptides: Eyeseryl tetrapeptide is designed to reduce signs of ageing around the eyes with multi-action benefits in as little as 15 days. Eyeseryl has clinical studies as supporting evidence in the appearance of under-eye bags reducing puffiness and dark circles. Its decongesting effect fights against oedema formation which causes puffiness as we age.

Coffee Extract – Potent levels of anti-oxidants with matching PH balance to the skin. Proven to reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, increase hydration and protect.

Gotu Kola – This herb has traditionally been used for sun damage, collagen protection, toning and firming the skin. It has a similar effect to caffeine, which makes it a great herb for puffiness due to its skin tightening properties.


iKOU Bundle Pack 

Includes all the essentials for starting you off to achieving incredible feeling and looking skin!


*Recovery Cleansing Creme 

*Phyto Antioxidant day creme

*Peptides multi-action serum

*Nutrient Age-Defying Night Creme

*Age-defying radiance face masque


iKOU Ultimate anti-ageing Bundle Pack 

Includes all the essentials for starting you off to achieving incredible feeling and looking skin!


*Recovery Cleansing Creme 

*Phyto Antioxidant day creme

*Peptides multi-action serum

*Ceramide Firming Eye Serum

*Vitamin A Booster Serum

*Nutrient Age-Defying Night Creme

*Age-defying radiance face masque


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