Vegan 101



Vegan 101 


New to a vegan diet or lifestyle? Looking at starting 2020 as a vegan? Or maybe you would like to add more plast-based meals into your cooking skills. This vegan 101 class is awesome for those looking to broaden their skills in the kitchen. 

On the day you will learn everything from vegan nutrition 101, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dairy free replacements and loads of meal ideas. This is a jam packed class loaded with recipes and cooking. 

First we will run through dairy replacements, breakfast ideas and meals including my favourite tofu scramble. I’ll be teaching and showing you how to make nut milks, flavours, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream and more! Then we will cover basic nutrition and principles to follow on a plant diet. 

I will also go over some ways to meal plan easier, nutrient dense meals and my favourite smoothies and snacks. 

Class Includes 

  • All Recipes 
  • Vegan Nutrition  
  • Nut Milks
  • yogurt
  • White sauce / bechamel 
  • flavouring ideas
  • tofu scramble 
  • main meals 
  • meal prep 
  • smoothies 
  • protein balls and bars 
  • granolas 


Class duration: 2 hours 

Cost: Special $104

Location: Roleystone 

Dates:  Jan 18th and 25th 


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