Vegan Food Coaching


Vegan Food Coaching 


Vegan Food Coaching is a program I designed, as I saw a huge gap in the industry. My food coaching program is over four weeks. In these weeks I will teach you to improve your health, thrive off plants and teach you quick, easy, and high-density nutrition meals.

If you feel tired, run-down or struggle with plant-based meals, recipes and learning to thrive off a plant-based diet. Then, this program is for you! 

I will teach you about simple plant health, nutrition, prepping meals quickly and creating easy meals for you and your family.

The food plan will cover nutrition information to make sure you are fuelling your body right. By making sure your nutrition is on point, you can improve your sleep, and energy, increase your strength and improve memory and focus.


  • One month tailored food plan to your goals
  • Recipes for all meals 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Recipes for Smoothies, Snacks and Juices
  • Nutritional food guidance and info 
  • One-week check-in, done via email
  • This program is done digitally

Now taking clients for Jan 2023 – Limited spaces left 

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“Thank you Raya I lost 3 kilos in my first week!” Kristy

“The first week and I am already feeling so much better! More energy & sleeping better!”  Amy 

“Two weeks in and I am feeling so good. I love the simple meals and my whole family loves them even my 5-year-old!” 


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