Vegan Cheesecake Master Class

$120.00 $104.00


Love cheesecakes but don’t know how to make nice natural sugar free vegan ones?


Have you tried cheesecakes when out at cafes and they leave you feeling full and heavy. That’s because most people don’t know how to create them without a base of cashews and sugar. Most cheesecakes I try when I’m out, leave me feeling a little sick and very full, plus they are loaded with calories! This vegan cheesecake workshop will teach you three different fillings styles that are not heavy. Instead, they are silky smooth, light and fresh!

Making vegan cheesecakes are something I have mastered while training In the US under the world-renown chef Mattew Kenney’s Plant school. Not only did I learn the secrets in creating perfect velvet smooth cheesecakes. I also learnt loads of ways to change up the fillings. 

Class includes 

Workshop 2 hours and all recipes 


A mini cheesecake to take home 

Three different cakes to taste and try 

Make your own 

DATE: September 28th and October 26th 

TIME: 10:30 am 
COST: $104
Location: Roleystone 


Vegan cheesecake, masterclass

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