Sri Lankan Cooking Class


Sri Lankan Cooking Class

NEXT DATE:  August 6th 

Time: 10:30/1 pm  

Get ready for this mouth-watering Sri Lankan cooking class. Sri Lankan cuisine is known for its flavourful combinations of herbs, spices, vegetables, rice, and coconut. 

The cuisine is full of curries and dry spices galore. This class is a must for any food lover. The food is both mouth-watering and bursting with flavours! 

In this cooking class, I will teach you my favourite vegan recipes. I will cover important flavours, spices and ingredients you’ll need to keep creating beautiful dishes at home. 


Class Includes 

Ala Thel Dala ( Popular Spicy Potato Dish ) 

Classic Sri Lankan Curry made with banana blossom

Brinjal Pahi ( Delicious Eggplant Curry ) 

Ambul Polos in Sinhala ( Jackfruit Curry ) 

Pol Sambol ( Coconut dish )

Coconut Saffron Rice with Pandan 

All Recipes 

Fresh Filtered Water, Tea & Coffee

This class will run from 10:30 am through to around 12:30 depending on group size and dynamic. 

I will also have fresh filtered water and you can BYO. The class also includes all recipes and information on the day. Feel free to bring a notepad and pen to take extra notes if you like. All class information will also be emailed on the week of the class. 

Dates are available at the top of the page. Your payment receipt is your confirmation. Then you will receive an email from me, the week of the class with directions and details. 

You can also follow my Instagram or Facebook account too for extra recipes and giveaways!

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