Plant Performance


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Plant Performance


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Plant Performance is a class designed for those keen on learning to maximise training and results with a plant-based diet!

In this plant performance workshop, I will personally go over how to maximise your results and teach you to the do’s and don’t of training.

 I personally have over 20 years experience in the industry, and hold world titles in the bodybuilding industry, as a vegan bodybuilder.  And, I know what it takes to build the ultimate muscle building machine!

Plant performance will cover plant-based vegan health, nutrition, weight loss, muscle gains and general health. I will teach you how and what to eat in a day, with food demonstrations of what a whole day and week should look like on a plant-based diet.

Switching to plants can be very daunting and hard to work out where we get those key nutrients to really excel with health.

In the class you will receive all recipes, notes and enjoy lots of vegan goodies. Plus, walk away feeling inspired and ready to tackle your new plant-based diet and training.

Plant performance is designed for both newbies to plants and those who are already living this lifestyle.


Photo below is Top 3 IFBB Figure Champ 2017 

ifbb vegan bodybuilding


Plant Performance workshop includes

2 hour workshop 

Performance Food 

Understanding superfoods 

All Recipes 

Nutrition handout 

Exercise training tips and guides 

Food demostrations 

Pre and post workout foods and snacks 


How to plan your meals 

Lots of food and drinks to try and sample 


Plant performance will run from 10:30am through to around 12:30 depending on group size and dynamic. 

I will have fresh filtered water and herbal tea on offer to enjoy. The class will include all recipes and information on the day. Feel free to bring a note pad and pen to take extra notes if you like. All class information will be emailed on the week of the class as well. 

Dates are available on the top of page. Select from the drop down menu which class on which month you would like. Your payment receipt is your confirmation.

The week of the class you will receive an email from myself, the week of the class with directions and details. 

If none of these dates work for you, then you can always check out my recipe page . You can also follow my Instagram or Facebook account too for extra recipes and giveaways!

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