Vegan Candles iKOU



Vegan Candles iKOU


iKOU vegan candles are the ultimate in luxury, using only the finest natural vegan ingredients to produce the most incredible scents

The superior grade, heavy glasses are designed in opaque white with light-reflecting benefits, creating a bright ambience while filling the room with luxuriously layered essential oil-based scents. packaged in beautiful white boxes these make the ultimate gift or self-indulgent present

iKOU natural vegan wax candles are renowned for quality and purity, made with 100% natural wax, that is ethically sourced. iKOU vegan candles are hand-pours the natural wax candles glasses in their studio in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia, offsetting production with Solar & Wind Power.

iKOU vegan candles scents available for purchase below 


Peace Blend 

Soothe and Nurture the heart with Turkish Rose. hands down one of my favourites that are throughout my home and Ayarah 

iKOU Peace blend includes the essential oil benefits of Pure Rose, Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang Oils.

Rose is directly associated with the heart, the core of our emotions. This blend is designed to nurture, comfort and soothe the soul. I guess that why I love this one so much. Personal favourite


A balancing blend of Green Tea and Cherry Blossom

 – This blend is designed to promote positive thoughts, refresh the mind and remove mental fatigue. This candle has a beautiful soft slightly masculine scent and ideal for those who don’t like the fruity or floral notes. I love burning this candle in the evenings to clear the mind or with a bath 



A relaxing fusion of oils capturing the freshness of a Bamboo Forest.

iKOU Calm blend includes the essential oil benefits of Lemongrass, Lime and Lavender.

 – The oils in this blend have chameleon-like qualities that have the ability to bring both energy and relaxation to the body. This room cleansing blend will leave you feeling balanced and clear with the inspiring feeling of a fresh start.


Pure aromatherapy Candle 

There’s just something magical about this candle, I love burning this first thing in the morning to give the house that fresh clean crisp smell 

Capturing the essence of inner happiness inspired by the Australian White Flannel Flower

100% Pure essential oils: Pink grapefruit, Tangarine, Ylang-ylang, Cananga Flower


Ayarah is a proud supporter of the Kangaroo Sanctuary and all products purchased help Ayarah to continue support and help save hundreds of baby orphan kangaroos a year. 

To learn more about the Kangaroo Sanctuary, head to my about page


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