Foodie Essential Oil Kit


Foodie Essential Oil Kit

Attention Foodies!

This is an awesome foodie essential oil kit for those who are looking to use oils in their cooking. I have put together all my favourite regular oils I personally use in my cooking to enhance and elevate food to that next level of FLAVOUR!

So Why use Essential Oils in our food?

doTERRA puree essential Oils are 50-70 time more potent than herbs. Example in just one drop of peppermint you are getting the equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. So you only need a very tiny amount for a significant impact in flavour and health benefits. Each doTERRA 15ml bottle contains approximately 250 drops of oil.

I use and only recommend doTERRA Essential Oils as they are 100% Pure, Ethically and Sustainably Sourced from the Indigenous Habitat Globally, tested for potency and purity, as well as third party tested. And are safe, natural, free from synthetics/fillers and are also beyond food grade. Making them the only essential I use in my home and recommend to others. 

Be careful when using essential oils, as many are low quality and that’s why they are cheap and are unsafe to use in food because they have synthetics and fillers in them and not designed for consumption. 

So what’s in this awesome foodie essential oil kit of yours!


Grapefruit $20.25 – Little little oil packs loads of flavour and I love using my kombucha, granola and flavouring smoothies!

Lemon $13.50 – Another beautiful oil for infusing desserts like my lemon cheesecake 

Lemongrass $13.00 – My favourite oil for infusing with Thai food 

Wild Orange $14.00 – Beautiful for flavouring and pairing with chocolate 

Black pepper $26.50 – Awesome for packing a pepper kick with veggies like mushrooms 

Basil $31.50 – Great for savoury dishes including many of my recipes such as 



Total pack $153.75

And Includes Wholesale Membership

Plus shipping Total price $165


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