doTERRA Gym Kit


My doTERRA Gym Workout Kit

I have designed this gym kit because it’s what I have found to work the best in supporting my workouts. As some of you know, I spend most days in the gym and train both for cardiovascular improvement and weight training. doTERRA’s oils are perfect for supporting healthy lifestyles from competitive to health-minded. With this gym kit, you can enjoy being more active knowing these oils have you supported in your recovery.

This kit includes key products for those with an active lifestyle: 15mL bottles of  Lavender, Lemongrass and Peppermint and a 120 mL tube of Deep Blue Rub and Incudles enrolment with doTERRA to receive wholesale prices.



  • When you signup for this beautiful kit you will also receive a wholesale membership 
  • Wholesale Membership 
  • Earn points every time you to shop which you can use to get more free oils!
  • You do not have to buy regular or have any lock in orders
  • Enjoy wholesale prices
  • A wholesale customer account gives you access to doTERRA’s specials and deals 
  • Gain free oils every month with LRP orders
  • You get an extra saving just by starting with a starter pack
  • Awesome welcome pack from me filled with goodies to help support your oil journey

The bonus of signing up with me!

By purchase through me, I will become your go-to person for all support. You get access to an online support community with thousands of embers to help answer and support you. And you will receive a FREE gift bag from me filled with more gifts

You get FREE access to me workshops which are always loads of fun and help teach and educate you about oils all while enjoying loads of vegan food and drinks 

  1. Once you click buy follow the prompts
  2. Choose your country
  3. Pick the country of shipping
  4. Fill in your info
  5. Make sure my ID is in enrolment and sponsor info 6171204 
  6. Then add in the products listed 
  7. Peppermint, lemongrass, Ice blue rub and lavender 
  8. And then you are set to go! 

Once you have ordered you wil recieve an email from doTERRA welcoming you with information to log into your own personal website to now buy oils at Wholesale prices.

I will also send out your welcome pack full of goodies and invite you into our online community

Any questions or problem let me know and I can sign you up 


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