Dairy Alternatives 101

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Dairy Alternatives 101 


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Looking for more ways to reduce dairy from your day to day life. In this class, you will learn how to make your own dairy alternatives. Including nut milks, yogurt, ice-creams, vegan cheese and sour cream. This class is ideal for anyone looking to remove dairy from their diet or living a plant-based life.

Dairy is a major contributor to weight gain, hormonal issues, skin problems and many more major health conditions. By removing this one food group and replacing with vegan alternatives, you will see a massive swing in your mood, weight and overall health improve. 

Not only will I teach you how make awesome vegan alternatives to dairy. I will also teach you about the major health benefits of removing dairy from your life. Within weeks you can expect to see a difference in your skin, hair, nails and weight. If you suffer from bloating you will also see a dramatic reduction in this.

Dairy in inflammatory and therefore grows and spreads disease, infections and causes bloating. Let me help guide you in removing dairy and teach you healthy ways to enjoy loads of other food groups. 




What’s included in this dairy alternatives class 

1 1/2  to 2 hour hour class

Taught by myself Raya Higgs – US trained vegan chef, specialising in raw foods and nutrition health 

All recipes 

Food sampling of all the above foods listed

Vegan yogurt, Vegan cheese, ice-cream, nut milks and sour cream 

Take home information on health and nutrition 


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