Aged Vegan Cheese


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Aged Vegan Cheese

NEW DATES: November 28th 

Time: 10:30am 


I first starting learning to create vegan cheese in 2015, through Mathew Kenney’s Culinary School In Los Angeles. Most importantly I knew if I was going to start making and teaching vegan cheese, that I would have to learn from the best.

With easy to follow recipes and basic ingredients. This class is ideal for cheese lovers keen on learning more about dairy-free options.  

The cheese I teach is an aged cheese. Which you can age for up to 12 months.  After the class, you will have all the skills to create your own new and exciting cheese favours, recipes and more! This cheese will taste way better than anything you have ever purchased from the shops. 

While there are many vegan cheese options in the shops. Unfortunately, they contain loads of hidden nasty preservatives and artificial flavourings. That’s why learning to create your own, is far more rewarding and a whole lot healthier for you and your family.

The other wonderful thing about this class is you can watch and see your cheese age, change the flavour, all in your own home. These vegan aged cheese recipes age just like dairy cheese too.

Class Includes

1 to 2-hour demonstration on how to make, flavour, ferment and age your cheese 

Then you will try, taste and decide which flavour cheese you are going to make

Your own take-home cheese to age and look after 

Aged Cheese 

Vegan Feta

Vegan mozzarella – Bonus cheese taught 


Ageing Skills


All Recipes to keep and take home 

Your payment receipt is your confirmation.  

There will be fresh filtered water, tea and coffee to enjoy

You can always check out my recipe page and make some yummy vegan dishes instead. You can also follow my Instagram or Facebook account too for extra recipes and giveaways!

Thank you

Ahimsa X

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