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Here you will find Ayarah’s cooking class vouchers available for purchase, vegan skincare, candles, organic teas, body products and my FREE ebook.

Cooking class vouchers have no expiry and can be purchased for a certain class or used for any class you like. These are great for gifts at Christmas time, birthdays, anniversaries and parties.

You can even purchase a private lesson or a group private session. If you would like to have a private lesson you can email through a request by clicking this link 

Ayarah has my FREE ebook to download, loaded with easy to follow recipes for the whole family to enjoy. With easy ingredients to source from your local grocery store and most are GF or easily changed to suit everyone’s dietary preferences.

Why not check out some of Ayarah’s beautiful vegan, cruelty-free skincare range why here. iKOU vegan skincare is locally made within Australia in the incredible Blue Mountains. The range is 100% vegan, natural, paraben-free, chemical-free & made with love.  

Ayarah is proud to be a brand partner with such a beautiful luxury line of products including skincare, body products, bath, candles, oils and organic teas. Profits made through the purchase of vegan cooking classes, vouchers &  all products are all donated to the incredible Sheldrick Wildlife Trust & our Aussie Kangaroo Sanctuary.


 Australian Vegan Skincare

Australian made vegan organic skincare. iKOU Skincare is pure skincare direct from the natural earth, chemical-free, wild-harvested, vegan organic. 

When it comes to using products on our skin, it is so important to use a product that is natural. Our skin is the largest living organ we have and plays a huge roll in our inner health. Our skin absorbs what you place on it straight into our bloodstream, hence the importance of natural products.

iKOU has perfected this by creating products purely from our natural earth to deliver not only vegan cruelty-free skincare. But products that are high performance and combat issues like dry, oily, ageing, eczema and dehydration 

Below is a list of products to suit your own personal needs 


Vegan Bath & Body Products 


iKOU Organic Bodycare is the natural choice for lovers of plant-based natural and organic ingredients 

These products are the same organic body care iKOU use in Spa Treatments at leading luxury resorts & spas, you too can enjoy the same luxurious quality and experience at home

Choose the way you want to feel each day with our selection of Australian-Made, Organic, Vegan Bath & Bodycare.

Create your own home day spa experience. Put some nice relaxing music on, light some candles, run a bath, and indulge in these incredible products. From bath salts, body scrubs made with the highest quality ingredients & body butter’s that smell and feel good enough to eat






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