Choosing a plant-based lifestyle was the best decision of my life!


Here’s a few reasons why choosing a plant based lifestyle was the best decision in life for me. Within months of switching to the lifestyle I started to see major health benefits. I no longer suffered regular headaches, bloating is no longer an issue, my hormones are perfect, my arthritis started to improve in a huge way. Instead of waking up everyday with huge back pain and not being able to get a good sleep. I was pain free!! 

My skin started to clear more, my skin, hair and nails all improved and I felt incredible! So, how did I end up here?


My journey into a plant-based lifestyle started through wanting to compete as a fitness model. In the beginning, I just wanted to gain some muscle and not be that skinny girl anymore. Even as a thin person I was never happy with my body. I always struggled with body image since I was a child. It wasn’t until I started my fitness model years, that I learnt to love myself and learn to smile. Slowly I became less introverted and more extraverted as the years went on. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I was addicted to training for those years.

I started competing back in 2014, with a goal to win my pro card competing with the best bodies in the world. I had no Idea that these natural competitors spent years building muscle. For me standing on stage in a tiny bikini was the scariest thing I could ever do and learn to smile. Yep, not the training, or eating well or learning to pose. Smiling of all the things you need to learn and do on stage this was my biggest battle.

So, after my first competition where I placed 3rd and 4th in just 16 weeks of training. I set myself another goal of now winning the state titles, which was only 12 weeks away. And I am happy to report I wiped the floor and won every division! I then went on to compete in worlds held in San Diego, USA. I came away with 2nd place in the world. Only just missing out on 1st because of that damn smiling issue yet again.

So, yet again I set myself a target of a different federation and more goals to win my pro card. All in all, I went on to compete in another few competitions in Australia, Dubai, Las Vegas, LA and finally I won that Pro card all in under 18 months from starting my epic journey. I have been featured in Oxygen magazine serval times, International mags and different ones all around the world when competing as a fitness model.

So how did I end up VEGAN?

Well, Shorty after I won my pro card I spent three days on a stand with the owners of a plant-based company, where I learnt a tiny peek into what happens on our Aussie farms, and I went home every night looking into it. On my last day, they asked me one question that will always be my turning point in life. “How can you claim to love animals, yet eat them” It was like a light going on in my head, and finally, someone washed away all the years of societies brainwashing, that it’s ok to eat meat and kill innocent animals. Well, It isn’t and will never be in my world.

For years I always claimed to love animals and not wish any harm to them. The truth is if you love animals and are against animal cruelty. Then you should be vegan, and this is the only real way of making the most significant impact on reducing animal cruelty. So, that’s how I switched overnight and started the best journey of my life and started living life to its fullest! For many of you, it may be harder and not an easy choice. But I guarantee, it’s the best life choice you will ever make!

Below are just a few pictures from my journey. From Left to right Jan 2014 when I started to train weights, my first comp, State titles, Worlds San Diego, Australian titles wbff, Worlds Wbff pro card victory and the last pic was from LA pro fitness comp, as a vegan. 

Being Vegan is the greatest gift I can do to give back to our planet and animals

 Ahimsa and I hope I have inspired you a little to make a better choice in life 


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Thank you





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