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Plant-Based Fitness & Health 


I guess to really explain plant-based fitness and health, I should start where I turned to a vegan lifestyle. In 2015, I won my pro card as a fitness pro bodybuilding champion. I had always been into sports since I was a child and, it was natural for me to probably end up down this path. When I first started competing, I was eating steak for breakfast and meat with every meal…. Why?

Unfortunately we have been lied too for our entire lives. These massive corporations are funded by the animal agriculture industries to promote protein’s best source, is from animals. LIES, that have been drummed into our heads since birth. These big corporation get rich, at the suffering of animals, our planet and our health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death, in the world. And guess what is responsible…. MEAT! Yes, it’s all true you can look this up.

So, why are commercials and produce such as meat, and dairy still being pushed to us ? Well, it’s simple. There simply isn’t enough people with money in the world to help educate us on what’s really going on. And, when we do try and educate people, people simply refuse to hear that it can’t be true. Because, most humans love to eat animals and don’t want to give it up. The power of flavour is very sad. Even know we tell them animals are suffering, they still eat it. 

So, how did I change and why? Well, one day I was confronting with being a hypocrite is saying ” I love animals ” I was asked how do I, justify killing as love? Well, I couldn’t and it was as if a light bulb, lit up in my head. Wow! I was such an idiot I thought. That day I went home and completely threw out every scrap of meat and dairy I had. I was now VEGAN !! And it was the best feeling and still is.

So, what changed for me in terms of health and fitness? First, I stopped suffering from headaches as much, my bloating completely disappeared, pain in my back was gone after a few month, my skin cleared up, and I felt and trained way better than ever before. Building muscle because a breeze for me! 

Plant-based fitness and health is extremely important to me and, being able to teach there people the power of plants is truly a blessing for me. I love everything about living a plant-based diet and lifestyle. There are no negatives too living this way, there are only negatives with eating meat and dairy. Here I will share some of my vegan health and nutrition advice and help for you to better your own journey and life.

Plant-based fitness and health tips 

  1. Starting with the basics! Learn to eat a large variety of fruit and vegetables. This is SO important which whiting to a plant based diet. 
  2. Eat whole food, not processed packaged foods 
  3. Stop buying fake meats and other products. They are full of preservatives and nasties 
  4. Eat at least 4 to 6 cups of green leafy vegetables per day – be like the cows 😛 
  5. Drink more water and less coffee 
  6. Meal prep is this helps you stay on track 
  7. Prioritise your money for fresh fruit and vegetables
  8. Keep your fridge stacked full of vegetables and have on hand good grains and nuts 
  9. Exercise daily – Even if its just walking your pups longer everyday 
  10. Sleep at least 8 hours if you are a female and 6 if you are a male




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