banana Split

Breakfast Banana Split

Breakfast Banana Split

Serves  1 

Easy to make 

I love Breakfast! It’s my favourite meal of the day!

This breakfast banana split version is a quick and easy breakfast recipe to make any day of the week. Loaded with yummy sugar-free granola, you will love it! 

You can even make these up in pots to set in the fridge. Then you can grab and take to work or give to the kids as afternoon snacks. And because they are made using buckwheat granola. It makes these a complete amino meal, making it a great source of protein. You can even enjoy this breakfast banana split as a dessert, for those who don’t have a big sweet tooth.



1 banana cut in half longways

1/2 a kiwi sliced thin 

1 tablespoon of passionfruit pulp 

1/4 cup of fresh blueberries 

1/2 a cup of buckwheat granola – See Recipe 

1/2 a cup of natural coconut yoghurt 



  1. Start by placing a little of the natural yoghurt on the centre of a plate, layer with banana 
  2. Then top with fruits, yoghurt and granola 
  3. Enjoy with any of your favourite fruits and toppings 
  4. I hope you enjoyed this breakfast banana split recipe 

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