To become a member, it’s super easy! Here are a few key things to know why it’s super cool to join doTERRA.

  1. doTERRA only source local grown sustainable essential oils.
  2. They work together with local farmers to build and create infrastructure in those communities.
  3. doTERRA donates every year vast amounts of the revenue back into countries in need. Creating schools, clean drinking water, jobs and a better life for those in need.
  4. doTERRA oils are the purest and best oil you can buy.
  5. The oils speak for themselves once you try them.
  6. You get free products every month with regular orders.
  7. You get to become apart of a massive community of like-minded people to support your oil journey.
  8. There are NO lock-in or regular orders required, Order as much or as little as you like.

Benefits When joining with Ayarah 

You will also receive

  • Wholesale prices on doTERRA products
  • Free Monthly goodies from doTERRA
  • Earn points every time you shop with LRP to use at your leisure on more doTERRA goodies!
  • Receive an awesome welcome Ayarah pack filled with goodies to get you started in the right direction with your oils 
  • Online support network group 
  • Facebook groups to help guide you and answer any oily questions you may have
  • Reduce plastics and chemicals from your home and environment 
  • Start feeling and looking great using these beautiful oils 
  • Free recipes using doTERRA oils 

Here is how doTERRA Loyalty Reward Programme works



LRP points system

  1. You place an order each month which amounts to 50 product value points or more (PV)
  2. And after you ordered each month for 3 months you grow to a 15% 
  3. So if you order every month for 12 months and you will have earned a discount of 30%. And each time you then place an order you will get back 30% of your PV in points to use on FREE oils and products. It’s like a Woolies card but WAY BETTER! After even just 2 months you will have enough points to buy free oils.


To Get Started In Living The Best Life You Can With DoTERRA. You can either go straight to my oil shop page and purchase an enrolment kit or fill in the information below.

Ahimsa x

After I receive your email, I will be in contact, and we can go through which doTERRA oils would best suit your health concerns and needs. After this, we will put you on the right path using the oils and open your world up to a whole new level of health! Or if you like I can come to you and hold a wellness workshop in your own home.


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