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Ayarah is a little piece of paradise with tranquillity at its best. Ayarah offers beautiful hands-on online cooking classes and vegan nutrition workshops designed to educate and inspire you on all aspects of plant-based living and health.

Ayarah is also proud to be donating profits from every purchase to help save injured, endangered & orphan animals through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa and our Aussie Kangaroo Sanctuary

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What our clients have to say about Ayarah

Annette Padman

I attended one of the new classes on Raw Foods Class, Where do I begin?!
This one class alone taught me so much! I learnt not only about how to make plant milk, but how to make yoghurt, ice cream, flour, sauerkraut, all recipes were provided, tasters and demonstrations were done for everything!
All I learnt, I will be incorporating into my everyday life and providing the best plant based nutrition for mine and my daughters health.
Raya is so incredibly knowledgeable about Plant based and Raw foods. She has inspired me to prepare more food myself and has given me the knowledge about the benefits of Raw Foods.
Raya was so welcoming, such a beautiful location and a beautiful home and answered any questions we had.
I can’t wait to do my next class!! I can see me doing them all!

Raya, Thank-you for offering your knowledge, skills, your home to provide such a wonderful experience! You are an inspiration ?

Annette Padman

My husband and I went to the introduction to plant based living workshop and we loved it! It was so informative, lots of our questions were answered and the food was delicious. We left feeling like we could move forward on our plant based journey and look forward to cooking new things! We would definitely do another one.

Lucy Howarth

I am glad I took the first step with Raya towards shifting to a more plant based diet. She is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of information that I am truly convinced that eating more plant based foods is the way to go for a healthier life. Her recipes are practical and easy to do. I would surely find time to attend another class at Ayarah.

All good wishes Raya!

Jam Lordeo Perez

I am not a vegan. I am curious and want to know if it can be done in a non-zealot, tasty, sustainably responsible way. Ayarah blew my mind with my first, but certainly not my last, Christmas Feast Class.

The entire experience is World Class. From the crunchy long stone driveway that leaves the city far behind you as you are enveloped in the rugged beauty of untamed Australian bush, birdcall and roaming Kangaroos. The stunning premise overlooks the sweeping valleys of the Perth Hills and sets the scene for the shared group dining (gorging) on the exquisite food, washed down with wine or champagne for good measure. The interior kitchen space houses 4-6 fully equipped two-person bays plus a larger demo kitchen in which Queen Raya operates her culinary genius. It's immaculately clean, beautifully styled, architecturally stunning with loads of natural light and view of the hills all around. Raya has a simple way of delivering her vast knowledge and loves questions and interactions. We had mums and daughters, besties, repeat customers, and men - carnivore and vegan, part-time and full time, exploratory, fascinated, hooked and devout all in attendance. Absolutely non-judgemental, it was about good food, good times. A treat for all the senses, a gift to share with someone you love that will long be remembered as special. Really well priced, exceptional food, exceptional surroundings. 5/5. Hooked!

I have personally been privileged enough to have tasted the incredible creations from this insanely talented & passionate vegan chef. So good so that it will make you never think about meat products again. Highly recommend!

Bec Chandler

Alice Edwards

Not only does Raya create the most delicious foods... she also shares her story in an inspiring and passionate way that makes her so easy to relate too. ❤️ Thank you Raya for using your story to inspire us all.

You are truly incredible.

I can’t wait to attend a workshop soon. ?

Alice Edwards

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